Arai RX-7v Morais Camo ’21 Replica

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During the Dutch round of the World Supersport 600 championship, Sheridan Morais was a substitute for an injured rider. This event is the “home race” for SLGrafics and because of our good relationship with Sheridan we made this special design for the weekend. On one side, we have an oversized camouflage pattern and on the otherside we made a camouflage pattern in a combination of matt and gloss finish. These 2 camouflages we separate from each other by adding a fluor yellow line and also a fluor yellow chinvent and airwing.

Now you can order this very special design here at SLGrafics. But thats not all. You can customize it to your own wishes. You can choose between the traditional green camo, a black camo (3 different shades of black/ dark grey) and a white camo (3 different shades of white/ light grey). Mix this with your favourite colors for the other side and the line in the middle. Add your own name/logo to the back and choose between a complete matt finish, complete gloss finish or a combination like shown on the photo’s.

We offer this design on the Arai RX-7v but you can choose between 3 setups. The RX-7v, the RX-7v including a transparent or tinted EX2 spoiler or the RX-7v Racing with a painted spoiler. Many things to choose from…. Good luck!


This helmet will be handmade by our team and will only available on our website.

Estimated delivery: 6-9 weeks

** Dark visor not included.