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Success in motor and car racing is not only decided by results. A racers image is often judged by press and public before the actual race has taken place. Do colours and design match and do they meet the sponsor’s wishes. SL Grafics racing design understands this and comes up with solutions. With excellent tailor made helmet designs, so that every racer can express his own personal style.


SL Grafics knows what a tailor made design means to a racer and that goes for the design of a car or motorbike too. If the design of the helmet, outfit, car or motorbike are well attuned, than you get the perfect picture, that makes the sponsor happy and the racer self assured.  A winner is created before the race, thanks to the emotional design by SL Grafics.


The same passion and emotion that SL Grafics racing design brings in its racing design is there for the individual rider too. We would like to create a “ custom made” helmet design for you in which you can contribute your own personal preferences and colours.

Would you like to know what SL Grafics could do for you?

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What are you waiting for?

From start to finish.

What will it cost to have a personal helmet design by SL Grafics?

What is the process? How long does it take to spraypaint the design? These questions are not new to us and it calls for an explaination.

At SLGrafics we want to make your dream come true. The personal design you have always wanted. There are different prices for different designs, depending on the complexity of the design, how many different colours, what kind of coating etc.

    • Contact us with your ideas
    • We give you an estimated quote based on your wishes
    • Wehn the quote is approved, we can go on to the next step

    Stage 1

    • We will ask you for a deposit.
    • When this is done, we will start making your design proposal
    • When the design is final, we ask you to send us your helmet(s)

    Stage 2

    • When we received the helmet we will send you a confirmation of arrival.
    • We will inform you which week the helmet will be produced and ready to be shipped.
    • We paint your helmet(s)! :-D

    Stage 3

    • Your helmet is ready!
    • We will send you some pictures of the helmet and the invoice of the remaining amount.
    • When this is all complete, we will send you your helmet(s)

    Stage 4